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Important: Disconnect the oven from the
mains before carrying out any installation
work or servicing.
Installation must be carried out by a qualified
technician in accordance with the manufacturer's
instructions and in compliance with local regulations.
Unpack the oven and make sure that the
appliance has not been damaged during transport
and that the oven door closes properly.
If you
are not sure contact the dealer or the
nearest service centre.
After removing the oven from its packaging,
leave it on the polystyrene base to prevent it
from being damaged.
When installing the oven it is advisable to wear
protective gloves.
Do not lift the oven by the door handle. Get hold
of it using the side openings provided.

Preparing the housing unit

Kitchen units in contact with the oven must be
heat resistant (80 °C min).
Cut the kitchen unit to fit before installing the
appliance. Carefully remove any shavings or
sawdust that could prevent the appliance from
running properly.
The dimensions of the oven and unit are shown
in figures 1-2-3.
To allow for proper ventilation, an opening
should be left at the bottom of the kitchen unit.
Pay attention to the dimensions in the diagram.
When installation has been completed, the
bottom of the oven must be inaccessible.
Ovens that are not equipped with a cooling system
cannot be installed in split level units (fig 2).
When installing, make sure that the sides of the oven
do not touch the adjacent kitchen units (fig. 4-5).
When installing ovens under the worktop, leave
a minimum clearance of 5 mm between the
upper edge of the oven and the lower edge of the
worktop (fig.6).
In order for the appliance to
operate properly, this clearance must never
be obstructed.
If the kitchen unit is not securely fixed to the wall,
it must be anchored with standard brackets (G)
(fig. 7) available on the market.

Electrical connection

Regulations require that the appliance be
Connection to the mains must be carried out by a
qualified electrician in accordance with the
manufacturer's instructions and in compliance
with local regulations.
The installer is responsible for connecting
appliances correctly to the mains and for
observing the safety regulations.
The oven power cable must be long enough to
connect the built-in appliance to the mains.
Observance of safety directives requires that a
multi pole switch with a minimum contact gap of
3 mm be used for the installation.
Do not use multiple plug adapters or extension
After the oven has been installed, the electrical
components must be inaccessible.

Connecting the oven to the power


Make sure that the voltage indicated on the rating
plate is the same as the mains voltage. The rating
plate is on the front edge of the oven (visible
when the door is open).
If the oven does not have a power supply cable
proceed as follows:
Remove the two fastening screws of the
terminal box cover located on the bottom part
of the oven's rear covering.
Remove the cover to gain access to the terminal
box and insert the power cable (see table)
through the opening located on the bottom of
the oven.
Connect the cable to the terminal box, tighten
the screws as far as they will go and secure it to
the cable fastener.
Put the cover back on by inserting the two blades
in the slots and fasten it with the two screws.

Securing the oven

Lift the oven getting hold of it by the openings on
the sides and insert it into the housing unit, being
careful not to trap the power supply cable (fig. 8).
Center the oven in the housing unit before
securing it.
Make sure that the plastic spacers (if provided)
are positioned correctly in the fastening holes.
Then anchor the oven to the housing unit with
the screws provided.
Power supply cable table
N° of conductors Type of cable
H05 RR-F 3 X 1.5 mm²
H05 RR-F 3 X 1.5 mm²
(Switzerland only)
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