Samsung UE40C5000QW

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    Figures and illustrations in this User Manual are provided for reference only and may differ from actual product appearance.
    Product design and specifications may be changed without notice.
    Digital TV notice
    1. Functionalities related to Digital TV (DVB) are only available in countries/areas where DVB-T (MPEG2 and MPEG4 AVC) digital terrestrial signals are
    broadcasted or where you are able to access to a compatible DVB-C (MPEG2 and MPEG4 AAC) cable-TV service. Please check with your local
    dealer the possibility to receive DVB-T or DVB-C signal.
    2. DVB-T is the DVB European consortium standard for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television and DVB-C is that for the broadcast
    transmission of digital TV over cable. However, some differentiated features like EPG (Electric Programme Guide), VOD (Video On Demand) and so
    on, are not included in this specification. So, they cannot be workable at this moment.
    3. Although this TV set meets the latest DVB-T and DVB-C standards, as of [August, 2008], the compatibility with future DVB-T digital terrestrial and
    DVB-C digital cable broadcasts cannot be guaranteed.
    4. Depending on the countries/areas where this TV set is used some cable-TV providers may charge an additional fee for such a service and you may
    be required to agree to terms and conditions of their business.
    5. Some Digital TV functions might be unavailable in some countries or regions and DVB-C might not work correctly with some cable service providers.
    6. For more information, please contact your local Samsung customer care centre.
    The reception quality of TV may be affected due to differences in broadcasting method between the countries. Please check the TV
    performance in the local SAMSUNG Authorized Dealer, or the Samsung Call Centre whether it can be improved by reconfiguring TV setting or
    Still image warning
    Avoid displaying still images (like jpeg picture files) or still image element (like TV programme logo, panorama or 4:3 image format, stock or news bar at
    screen bottom etc.) on the screen. Constant displaying of still picture can cause ghosting of LED screen, which will affect image quality. To reduce risk of
    this effect, please follow below recommendations:
    • Avoid displaying the same TV channel for long periods.
    • Always try do display any image on full screen, use TV set picture format menu for best possible match.
    • Reduce brightness and contrast values to minimum required to achieve desired picture quality, exceeded values may speed up the burnout process.
    • Frequently use all TV features designed to reduce image retention and screen burnout, refer to proper user manual section for details.
    Securing the Installation Space
    Keep the required distances between the product and other objects (e.g. walls) to ensure proper ventilation.
    Failing to do so may result in fire or a problem with the product due to an increase in the internal temperature of the product.
    When using a stand or wall-mount, use parts provided by Samsung Electronics only.
    If you use parts provided by another manufacturer, it may result in a problem with the product or an injury due to the product falling.
    The appearance may differ depending on the product.
    Installation with a stand Installation with a wall-mount
    Correct Disposal of This Product (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment)
    (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems)
    This marking on the product, accessories or literature indicates that the product and its electronic accessories (e.g. charger,
    headset, USB cable) should not be disposed of with other household waste at the end of their working life. To prevent possible
    harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, please separate these items from other types of waste
    and recycle them responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. Household users should contact either the
    retailer where they purchased this product, or their local government office, for details of where and how they can take these items
    for environmentally safe recycling. Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase
    contract. This product and its electronic accessories should not be mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal.
    Correct disposal of batteries in this product
    (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate battery return systems)
    This marking on the battery, manual or packaging indicates that the batteries in this product should not be disposed of with other
    household waste at the end of their working life. Where marked, the chemical symbols Hg, Cd or Pb indicate that the battery
    contains mercury, cadmium or lead above the reference levels in EC Directive 2006/66. If batteries are not properly disposed of,
    these substances can cause harm to human health or the environment. To protect natural resources and to promote material
    reuse, please separate batteries from other types of waste and recycle them through your local, free battery return system.
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Samsung UE40C5000QW

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Márka Samsung
Modell UE40C5000QW
Termék Televízió
Nyelv Magyar, Angol, Lengyel, Román, Szlovák, Görög, Horvát
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