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Do not dispose of Lithium Polymer
batteries with general waste.
Please return it to battery recycling
collection point
We know you probably want to start using your
Beamers straight away, but to help you to get
the most out of your music, we’ve put this
manual together so that you can enjoy all the
benefits of listening to your tunes wirelessly.
Bluetooth v2.1
Transmitting power rate Class 2
Connection distance 10 m
Frequency range 2.4026 GHz – 2.480 GHz
Battery type Li-Po
Charger output DC 5.0 V 300 mA
Charging time Up to 4 hours
Talk time Up to 18 hours
Play time Up to 13.5 hours
Standby time Up to 160 hours
Unit size 171 x 159 x 69 (mm)
Weight 140 g
Reject a call*
If you’re listening to music and don’t want to be
disturbed by an incoming call, simply press and hold
the Phone/Next button (3) for 5 seconds. A short
beep will indicate that you are alone with your
music once again.
*This function may not be available on all mobile phones.
To redial from your paired mobile phone, press
the Phone/Next (3) twice quickly. Two short beeps
will indicate that you are calling the last number
you dialled.
Voice dialling
• Make sure you are not in a call
• Press the Phone/Next button (3) once
• This will initiate the voice dialling function
Say the name of the person you wish to call as
they are saved on your phone
This option works on mobile phones which have a voice dialling function and voice tags activated.
Warnings: Set the volume control in a low position before wearing
the headset or headphones. Limit the amount of time you use
headsets or headphones at high volume. Turn the volume down
if the sound from the headset or headphones prevents you from
hearing people speaking to you. Use of a headset that covers both
ears will impair your ability to hear other sounds – use of such
a headset while driving or riding a bike may create a serious
hazard to you and/or others. If you use the headset while driving
ensure your attention and focus remain on driving safely.
If your product has an embedded, non-replaceable battery, do not
attempt to open the product or remove the battery as this may cause
injury and damage the product. Please contact the local recycling
facility for removal of the battery. The embedded, non-replaceable
battery is designed to last the lifetime of the product.
JB. 2579 / Made in China. © KitSound
Christchurch, Dorset. BH23 4FL
Please recycle this packaging responsibly.

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