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Baby monitor BM-01A “Nanny“ 4/4 MFV51303 Baby monitor BM-01A “Nanny“ 1/4 MFV51303
Do not use a mattress made of hard material such as expanded polystyrene – it may
result in the failure of the device (such materials are extremely sensitive to air
Please be aware that the device can only warn you in the case of an emergency. If
the baby has a medical problem, it is up to you or a doctor to help.
Manufacturer provides warranty for the product itself. The warranty is not valid for
batteries and manufacturer is not responsible if the product is not used according to
this manual.

Battery replacement

If the batteries are low, the yellow indicator will flash and there will be no beep sound
after it is tuned on. In this case replace the batteries. Use only 2 new size AA alkaline batteries
(orientation is clearly marked in the battery compartment). Switch the Nanny on after battery
replacement and you should hear a beep sound. If there is no beep, check the batteries.

Maintenance and cleaning

The Nanny does not require any regular maintenance. Regular testing of the device is
recommended (once a week).
Use a soft wet cloth to clean the device when necessary (no aggressive cleaning agent
should be used). Avoid water or any other liquid getting inside the control unit or inside the
sensor pad. Protect the sensor pad from physical damage (impacts, falls, bending etc. can
damage the sensor).


Power 3 V, 2x 1,5 V size AA alkaline batteries
Stand by consumption 0.2 mA
Average battery life time 6 months (frequent testing makes it shorter)
Recommended weight of user from min. 2 kg to max. 15 kg
Sensor pad model BM-01D, size max. 350 x 550 x 15 mm,
weight 1500 g, made of PVC-P
Control unit size max. 135 x 70 x 35 mm, weight 150 g, made of ABS
Working environment +5°C to +35°C, rel. humidity 30% to 75%
Storage environment 0°C to +40°C, rel.humidity 10% to 85%
Lifetime of the product 2 years.
Contents: sensor pad, control unit, extension cable, splitting connector.
Conformity assessment was accomplished by the Notified Body No.1014.
It was also approved by the Ministry of Health Care of the Czech Republic under registration number
564B/02 and 564C/02.
Hereby, Jablotron Ltd., declares that this BM-01 is in compliance with the essential requirements
and other relevant provisions of Directive 1993/42/EC.
Original of the conformity assessment can be found at the web page
, section Technical support.
Note: Dispose of batteries safely depending on the type of the batteries
and local regulation. Although this product does not contain any harmful
materials we suggest you to return the product to the dealer or directly to
the producer after usage.

BM-01A “Nanny“ Baby Monitor

Congratulations to you and your newborn baby and to your wisdom in
purchasing the ”Nanny”. Not only will your child be sleeping peacefully!


The BM-01 „Nanny“ continuously checks your baby’s breathing and movements
to confirm the absence of a possible danger. The Nanny triggers an acoustic and
visual alarm if breathing stops for longer than 20 seconds or if the rate of breathing
is bellow 8 breaths per minute. This allows for Apnea (Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome) and other life threatening conditions to be indicated in time to save the
The BM-01 sensor pad, positioned under the bed’s mattress, detects the gentle
movements of an infant’s chest. Signals from the sensor go to the control unit, which
confirms regular breathing or movements. The device has no physical contact with
the baby and it also does not generate any form of energy. So it cannot have any
harmful effect to the human body.

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