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4 – English
can make a connection from one terminal to
Shorting the battery terminals together may
cause burns or a fire.
The display shows the battery capacity and if there are
any problems with the battery. The battery capacity is
displayed for 5 seconds after the machine is switched off
or the battery indicator button is pressed.
The warning
symbol on the battery is lit when an error has occurred.
See fault codes.
When all the LEDs are lit on the battery, it is fully charged.
Regularly check that the battery charger and the battery
are intact.
The battery must be charged before using it the first time.
The battery is only 30% charged when delivered.
Put the battery in the battery charger. Make sure that
the battery is connected to the battery charger.
(1), (2)
The green charging light on the charger is lit when the
battery is connected to the battery charger.
When all LEDs are lit the battery is fully charged.
Remove the battery from the battery charger. Use the
battery in surroundings where temperatures are
between -10
C and 40
During charging, monitoring the charging process and
never leave the battery in the charger when charging is
Transport and storage
The contained lithium-ion batteries are subject to the
Dangerous Goods Legislation requirements.
For commercial transports e.g. by third parties,
forwarding agents, special requirement on packing
and labeling must be observed.
For preparation of the item being shipped, consulting
an expert for hazardous material is required. Please
also observe possibly more detailed national
Tape or mask off open contacts and pack up the
batteriy in such a manner that it cannot move around
in the packing.
Store the equipment in a lockable area so that it is out
of reach of children and unauthorized persons.
Store the battery and the battery charger in a dry,
moisture-free and frost-free space.
Store the battery where the temperature is between 5
C and 25
C and never in direct sunlight.
Be sure to store the battery separate from the battery
Do not store the battery in places where static
electricity can occur. Never store the battery in a metal
Before longer storage please charge the battery.
Make sure the battery and battery charger are clean and
that the terminals on the battery and the battery charger
are always clean and dry before the battery is placed in
the battery charger.
Keep the battery guide tracks clean. Clean plastic parts
with a clean and dry cloth.
Fault codes
Troubleshooting the battery and/or the battery charger
during charging.
(5), (6)
The battery will not be charged if the battery
temperature is over 50
C. In that case the battery
charger will actively cool down the battery.
If the LED on the battery charger is lit solid red, the
battery charger requires a service.
Disposal of the battery, battery charger
and machine
Symbols on the product or its packaging indicate that this
product cannot be handled as domestic waste. It must
instead be submitted to an appropriate recycling station
for the recovery of electrical and electronic equipment.
By ensuring that this product is taken care of correctly,
you can help to counteract the potential negative impact
on the environment and people that can otherwise result
through the incorrect waste management of this product.
For more detailed information about recycling this
product, contact your municipality, your domestic waste
service or the shop from where you purchased the
LED lights Battery status
All LEDs are lit
Fully charged (67%-
LED 1, LED 2 are lit.
The battery is 34%-66%
LED 1 is lit.
The battery is 1%-33%
LED 1 flashes.
The battery is empty.
Charge the battery.
LED display Possible faults Possible action
Error LED
Use the battery
in surroundings
are between -10
C and 40
Charging the
Error LED is lit
Cell difference
too much (1V).
Contact your
service agent.

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Márka Husqvarna
Modell BLI20
Termék Elem
EAN []
Nyelv Holland, Angol, Német, Francia, Spanyol, Olasz, Svéd, Portugál, Dán, Lengyel, Norvég, Finn, Török, Szlovák, Görög, Magyar, Szlovén, Kínai, Horvát
Termékcsoport Elemek
Fájltípus PDF
Akkumulátor-technológia Lítium-ion (Li-ion)
Akkumulátor teljesítménye 4200mAh
Cél -
Telepfeszültség 36V
Termék színe Black, Orange
Elem LED jelzőfény
Termék típusa Elem
Csomagolási adatok
Mennyiség 1
Akkumulátor-technológia Lítium-ion (Li-ion)
Telepfeszültség 36V
Termék színe Black, Orange
Elem LED jelzőfény
Termék típusa Elem
Akkumulátor teljesítménye 4.2Ah
Márka kompatibilitás Husqvarna
Mellékelt elemek száma 1dB