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FX-250 Walkie-Talkie

Art.no 38-6327 Model FX250
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct and then
save it for future reference. We reserve theright for any errors in text or
images and any necessary changes made to technicaldata. In theevent of
technical problems or other queries, please contact our Customer Services.
PMR446 is alicence-free communication standard for use over theFM
frequency range and operates at 446 MHz.
Coverage area/range
Range capacity is highly dependant upon thesurrounding terrain. Maximum
range is achieved in open unobstructed terrain,e.g. intheabsence of hills/
mountains, buildings,etc. Toavoid interference, theradios should not be
used at adistance of less than 1.5 m from eachother.


Never expose theradio, charger or mains adaptor to damp or moisture.
Use only theincluded or recommended charger.
Only use rechargeable NiMH batteries.
When using aheadset, you should avoid having thevolume at maximum
level to protect your hearing.
Always remove thebatteries from thedevices if they are not used for
In order to avoid unnecessary radio wave exposure, always hold
thehandset at least 5 cm from your mouth while transmitting.
Do not use handsets if any one of their aerials have been damaged.
Always turn off theradios when requested,e.g. during explosive
demolition work or where there is risk for explosion in environments
where flammable liquids or gases are involved.

Buttons and functions

Power on/off

Poweron: Holdin [ ] until anaudible signal is heard and thecurrent channel
is displayed.
Poweroff: Holdin [ ] until anaudible signal is heard and thedisplay

Adjusting the volume

Use the [ ] [ ] buttons for increasing or reducing volume to thedesiredlevel.

Channel selection

1. Press [ ], until thechannel display begins toflash.
2. Then press [ ] or [ ] to select thedesired channel.
3. Press [ ] to confirm.


2-way radios can only operate in half-duplexmode. Thismeans that
you cannot receive atransmitted signal whilst you yourself are speaking/
transmitting (known as simplex communication).
PMR446 is alicence-free frequency band that is shared amongst
manyusers. Ifmore than one user is found on thechannel that you
are using it is customary to identify yourself both at thebeginning and
theend of any conversation.


Thehandsets are constantly in reception mode when turnedon.
Whenasignal is received, the symbol will appear on thedisplay.


1. Press and hold in the [ PTT ] button (1). Thedisplay’s transmitting indicator
2. Hold thehandset vertically with themicrophone (9) about 5 cm from your
mouth. Speakin aclear normal tone of voice without resorting to yelling.
3. Always wait asecond after you have pressed the [ PTT ] button before
you begin talking.
4. Always wait asecond after pressing the [ PTT ] button to end
atransmission and wait for theother user to begin talking.
5. Be careful not to press the [ PTT ] button while theother user is still
talking. Trynot to transmit before theother person has finished their

Call signal

Acall signal may be sent in order to alert other users of your intention
totransmit. This requires any other users to have their handsets within range
and set to thesame channel as your transmitting handset.
Call signal transmission: Press [ ]. Yourtransmitting handset will then send
out a2-sec call signal to all devices sharing thesame channel.

Roger beep

When you have finished talking and have released thePTT button aroger
beep will automatically be sent letting any receivers know that you have finis-
hed speaking and are ready for aresponse.

Automatic channel scan

Thehandsets can be used to automatically scan for channels with traffic.
1. Hold in [ ] and [ ] simultaneously to start scanning.
2. Once atrafficked channel is found scanning will pause for 3 seconds.
3. Pressing [ PTT ] within this 3 sec window will transmit asignal on this
channel or if you prefer you can use the [ ] or [ ] buttons to manually
browse and select achannel. If [ PTT ] is not pressed within the3 sec time
window scanning will continue automatically.
4. Press [ PTT ] at any time to cancel scanning.

Monitor mode

Themonitor feature can be used to check for other weak signals on
thecurrent channel.
1. To activate themonitor function press [ ] and [ ] simultaneously.
2. If no other channels are found, all you will hear is whitenoise.
3. Press [ ] to deactivate monitormode.

Key lock

Thekey lock does not influence call signal transmission, regular transmission
or reception.
Key lock activation: Holdin [ ] until shows in thedisplay.
Key lock deactivation: Holdin [ ] until disappears from thedisplay.

FM radio

1. Shortly press [ ] to turn theradioon.
2. Shortly press or hold in [ ] or [ ] to find adesired station.
3. Shortly press [ ] to turn theradiooff.


Connect theincluded headset to theheadset socket (6). Theheadset is
equipped with aPTT transmission button.

Care and maintenance

Always remove thebatteries if theproduct is not to be used for
Clean theproduct using alightly moistenedcloth. Useonly mild cleaning
agents, never solvents or corrosive chemicals.


Thetransmitter is located outside of thereceiver’srange.
Thereceiver or transmitter are set to different channels.
Volume level too low – increase thevolume.
Surroundings affecting reception. Moveto anarea
without obstacles or sources of interference.
Thedevice is held too close to thebody – keep
thedevice abit away from thebody.
Theother user is too close – keep adistance of at least
1.5 m between eachother.
There are other users on thechannel causing
adisturbance – try to find another channel.
do not charge.
Make sure that thecharge cable and its plug are
securely connected to thecharging station/device and to
afunctioning powerpoint.
Are thebatteries in good enough condition to retain
Is there power at thepower point where charge cable is

Responsible disposal

This symbol indicates that this product should not be disposed
of with general household waste. This applies throughout the
entire EU. In order to prevent any harm to the environment
or health hazards caused by incorrect waste disposal, the
product must be handed in for recycling so that the material
can be disposed of in a responsible manner. When recycling
your product, take it to your local collection facility or contact
the place of purchase. They will ensure that the product is
disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.


PMR devices

Number of channels 8
Frequency range 446.00625–446.09375 MHz
Outputpower 500mW
Range Upto 5 km

Frequency table

Channel Frequency (MHz) Channel Frequency (MHz)
1 446.00625 5 446.05625
2 446.01875 6 446.06875
3 446.03125 7 446.08125
4 446.04375 8 446.09375


In 100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Out 5 V, 500mA
1. [ PTT ] Transmit button (push to
2. [ ] On/off
3. [ ] Transmits acall signal to
other receivable PMR handsets
4. [ ] Volume down, toggles
settings back/down
5. Speaker
6. Headset socket and Micro USB
charge port
7. [ ] Channel and function
8. [ ] Volume up, toggles settings
9. Microphone
2. Pull theclip away from the
handset while simultaneously
sliding it upwards.
3. Slide thebattery compartment’s
cover upwards toopen.
4. Insert 3×AAA/HR03 per handset (batteries included). Notethepolarity
markings in thebattery compartment to ensure correct battery insertion.
5. Refit thebattery compartment cover and thebelt clip (if used).


Individual handset charging
1. Make sure thehandset is turned off before charging.
2. Connect theincluded adaptor to thehandset’s charge socket (6) and to
anavailable powerpoint.
3. Thecharge status icon will show in thedisplay.
4. Afull charge is achieved from acompletely flat battery after about 10h.
Always charge new batteries for 14 hours beforeuse.
Charging station
Changing theEU and UK charge plug adaptors:
1. Press the [ PUSH ] symbol at thebottom
of thecharger and slide out theattached
2. Slide thedesired adaptor in by making sure
that you hear it lock securely intoplace.

Display symbols

Channel number
Battery status
Scanning active
FM radio
Key lock active
PPT transmission or ringtone
Signal reception
3. Turn thehandsetsoff.
4. Connect theincluded adaptor to thecharging station and to anavailable
5. Place thehandsets into thecharge station. Theywill only fit in oneway.
Thecharging station’s LED indicator will continue to be lit as long as
thehandsets remain in thecharge station.
6. Afull charge is achieved from acompletely flat battery after about 10h.
Always charge new batteries for 14 hours beforeuse.
Battery status symbol
Thebattery symbol (see theDisplay symbols section above) reflects
thestate of battery charge and will show full once thebatteries are fully
Once thehandset’s batteries reach thepoint of empty, they will first give
off anaudible signal before shuttingoff.

Power save mode

Thehandsets have anintegrated auto power-saving mode in order to
save batterylife. After4 sec of disuse thehandsets will automatically
enter power-savemode.
This does not affect thehandsets’ ability to receive signals. Thehandsets
automatically return to normal mode with normal power whenever
asignal is received.
Make ahabit of always turning thePMR off when it is not in use, in order
to save batterypower.

Operating instructions


Note: Always use thesame type of batteries. Nevermix new and discharged
batteries or rechargeable with non-rechargeable batteries.
1. Open thebattery compartment by first removing thebelt clip (if attached).

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