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használati utasításExibel CO50
GREAT BRITAIN - CUSTOMER SERVICE contact number: 08545 300 9799 e-mail: customerservice@clasohlson.co.uk internet: www.clasohlson.com/uk
Ver. 20130829

Cross-cut Shredder

Art.no 18-8053 Model CO50-UK
38-1487 CO50
Please read theentire instruction manual before using theproduct
and save it for future reference. Wereserve theright for any errors
in thetext or images and any necessary changes made to technical
data. Ifyou have any questions regarding technical problems please
contact our Customer Services.


• Place themachine as close to awall outlet as possible.
• Always remove theplug from thewall socket before moving or
cleaning theshredder.
• Always remove theplug from thewall socket before emptying
the waste collector bin. Empty thecollector bin regularly in order to
avoid jamming themachine because of thecontainer being over full.
• Never open thecasing. If you should have problems with
the shredder, contact Customer Services.
• The product is designed exclusively for domestic use.
The machine is not designed for commercial use.

Warning symbols

Getting started

1. Place theshredder unit onto thewaste container. Thereis asafety
lock on theunderside edges of theshredder. Theseare depressed
when theshredder is placed correctly on thewaste container.
Thesemust be depressed in order for theshredder towork.
2. Place thewaste container on aneven and stable surface.
3. Connect theplug to awall outlet with 220–240 V AC voltage rating.


The control switch has 3 settings:
Automatic start. Whentheswitch is in this mode theshredder
will start automatically when thepaper is placed in thefeeder
opening. Whenthepaper is fed through themachine will turn
off automatically. Ifit does not turn off, make sure that thewaste
container is not full or that there are no paper remnants stuck in
• REV
Reverse function. Usedto remedy apaper jam. Ifyou notice that
theshredder is overloaded and starts to struggle or stop, you
must immediately set thecontrol switch in REV mode. Thisallows
theblades to rotate backwards and thepaper can be fed back
out ofthefeederopening.
• OFF
The machine is in theOFF position.


• The shredder can process up to 5 sheets (A4, 80 g) at one time.
Ifyou run thicker paper stock thenumber of sheets theshredder
can process is reduced. Themaximum width of thepaper should
be 22cm (A4).
• If you want to shred smaller sheets of paper, you should feed them
in thecentre of thefeeder opening. Otherwise, theshredder will
not start automatically.

Avoiding overloading and jamming

The shredder is equipped with overload protection. Whenactivated
theshredder shuts off when, for example, trying to feed more
than 5 sheets in at atime.
To reset theshredder after theoverload protection has tripped:
1. Remove theplug from thewall socket and let theshredder cool
for 30 min. Cleartheblades of any paper remnants.
2. Connect theplug to awall socket and set thecontrol switch to
REV mode. Excesspaper remnants will exit through thefeeder
opening. Removetheplug from thewall outlet and remove any
paper remnants from theblades.
3. Set theswitch to AUTOmode.

Care and Maintenance

• Always unplug themachine from thewall socket before cleaning.
• The blades need no maintenance and do not need lubrication.
• Clear theblades from paper remnants using asharp object.
• Dry theexterior and container using adrycloth.
• Never use flammable cleaning agents.
• Empty thewaste container regularly. Afull waste container can
contribute to adiminished functioning of theshredder.


Follow local ordinances when disposing of this product.
Ifyou are unsure of how to dispose of this product,
please contact your municipality.


Type Cross-cut
Cross-cut size Approx. 4×40mm
Capacity 5 sheets (80 g) simultaneously
Feeder width 220mm
Shredder size Approx. 300×185×305mm
Power supply 220–240 V AC, 50 Hz, 0.8A
Power 184W
General warning symbol.
Read theinstructions before use.
Keep your hands away from thefeeder opening.
Keep your hair away from thefeeder opening.
It may be pulled in and injure you.
Keep loose hanging objects, like clothes, ties, etc away from
thefeeder opening. They may be pulled in and damaged.
Keep loose hanging jewellery away from thefeeder opening.
They may be pulled in and damaged.
Remove all paper clips and staples before running them
through theshredder.
The shredder is designed only for shredding paper. It is not
suited for any other materials. The paper must be clean and
dry. Do not insert CDs/DVDs into thefeeder opening.
This product is not atoy and must not be used by children.
Never leave theshredder unattended when in operation.
DO NOT use sprays when cleaning theshredder’s interior
or exterior. DO NOT use flammable substances in thenear
vicinity of theproduct. DO NOT use sprays directly in or in
thevicinity of thefeeder opening.

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