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Hotplate 18-4543 Model HP102-T2-UK
34-1996 HP102-T2
Please read theentire instruction manual before using thepro-
duct and save it for future reference. We reserve theright for
any errors in text or images and any necessary changes made
to technical data. If you have any questions regarding technical
problems please contact our Customer Services.


This product must not be used by anyone (including
children) suffering from physical or mental impairment.
Theproduct should not be used by anyone without
sufficient experience or knowledge unless they have
been instructed in its use by someone who will take full
responsibility for their safety.
Check that thevoltage where you want to use thehotplate
is compatible with theproduct’s rated voltage. Makesure
you connect thehotplate to anearthed outlet.
Place thehotplate on adry, flat and durable surface.
Makesure there is adequate free space surrounding
thehotplate since thesides get hot during use.
Never place any inflammable objects such as towels,
curtains, or plastic containers on or close to thehotplate.
The product should be used only as described in this manual.
Never leave theproduct unattended during use.
Keeptheproduct out of children’sreach.
Be cautious when heating up cooking oil or lard.
Neverleave thepot/ frying pan unattended during use
toavoid overheating.
Never use thehotplate without acooking vessel, asthis can
damage thehotplate.
The mains lead should be checked regularly. Neveruse
theproduct if themains lead or plug is damaged.
The mains lead must be changed if damaged. Thisis to
prevent therisk of electric shock or fire and should only be
carried out by themanufacturer, qualified service facility or
qualified technician.
Do not pull or carry theproduct by its mains lead. Donot
use thelead as ahandle and do not let it fasten in door
jambs. Donot pull thehotplate around sharp corners and
edges or over warm surfaces.
The product should only be used and stored indoors.
Do not open thehousing. Certain components inside
thecasing are exposed and carry dangerous electrical current.
Contact with these components could result in electric shock.
The hotplate should not be modified or disassembled and
may only be repaired by qualified service personnel.
Always unplug thehotplate from thewall socket
Never lower theproduct into water or other liquids.
Thehotplate can become live and produce lethal
Warning: To avoid risk of electric shock, turn off thehotplate
and pull out theplug if thehotplate is cracked or damaged.

Operating instructions

1. Pick asuitable location for using thehotplate in accordance
with thesafety instructions.
2. Check that thehotplate is turned off before connecting
theplug to awall socket.
3. When thehotplate is used thefirst time theplate’s
protective coating can still be left. Thehotplate can start to
smoke when it gets warm, this is completely normal.
4. Keep thesurface of thehotplate free and clear of water,
food spills, etc before turning iton.
5. Adjust theheat for thefood being cooked. Adjusttheheat
control clockwise to turn thehotplate. Useposition
MINto3 for warming and position 4 to MAX for cooking.
6. The red indicator lamp is lit during warm-up (i.e. when
theheat setting is from 1 to MAX) but has not yet reached
theset temperature. Theindicator lamp will turn off once
theset temperature is reached.
7. Always turn off thehotplate immediately after use by turning
theheat setting to MIN. Pulltheplug from thewall socket
when thehotplate is not inuse.

Advice foruse

Always use flat bottomed pots and pans which maintain
agood even contact surface with thehotplate.
The hotplate’s residual heat can be used to help keep food
warm after thehotplate has been turned off.

Care and maintenance

Always unplug theproduct from thewall socket
Never immerse thehotplate into water or other liquids.
Clean thehotplate’s surface with asoft moist cloth.
Donotuse cleaning solutions or solvents.
Food spills are most easily removed while thehotplate is still
warm (not hot).


This product should be disposed of in accordance with local
regulations. Ifyou are unsure how to proceed, contact your
local authority.


Mains supply voltage 220–240 V AC, 50/60Hz
Power output 1050–1200W

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