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Ariston Thermo LI45UK
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használati utasításAriston Thermo LI45UK
ARISTON DISHWASHER - Instructions for installation and use
This manual explains pleasantly all your new electric
household appliance has to offer. In addition, you will
discover a world of useful hints and handy tips to help
you get a better wash from your dishwasher and to make
it last longer.

Quick guide to your


1. Installation and moving (p.8)

Installation, after delivery or your moving house, is the most important
procedure for the correct operation of your dishwasher. Always check:
1. That the electricity system is in accordance with norms;
2. That the water inlet and outlet hoses are connected correctly;
3. That the dishwasher is level on the ground. It is worth it: for the
longer life span and the correct operation of your dishwasher.

2. Control panel at your orders (p.2)

Learn to get to know the parts which make up your dishwasher, you will
use it better for it. This is where you will find the description of the
controls and the internal parts.

3. How to load your dishes (p.3)

This page includes useful tips to help you load your dishwasher correctly
and make the most of all the available space.

4. How to start your dishwasher (p. 4)

After loading the dishes, you need to select the right wash cycle and
measure out the correct dose of detergent and rinse aid. Reading these
pages will help you through all the wash phases.

5. Salt: an important ally (p.7)

Using the right salt and in the right quantity will help you maintain your
dishwasher in top condition, to wash better and to avoid possible damage
caused by limescale.

6. Advice and suggestions to help you make savings

as well (p.7)
This is where you will find small tips on how to wash your dishes better
and to help make savings by selecting a wash cycle which best suits the
type of load.

7. Troubleshooting (p.10)

Before calling the technician, have a look here: a lot of problems can
have an immediate solution. If you can't manage to solve it yourself, then
call the Ariston helpline and any problem will be solved as quickly as

8. Safety for you and your family (p.10)

Read this chapter carefully, as it will provide you with useful information
on installation, use and maintenance safety. To avoid nasty surprises.

9. Special care and maintenance (p.11)

Once in a while, once a month, spend a little time on the filter assembly
and the sprayer arms. This is where you can learn how.

10. Keeping your dishwasher in shape (p.11)

Respect the few rules you will find here, and the result will be an enduring
top-shape dishwasher.

11. Technical characteristics (p.2)

All your appliance's technical data, in accordance with norms and
regulations as always.

12. Ariston is still with you after purchase (p.12)

Ariston supports its products by means of after-sales services and
assistance, offering you special guarantees, professional assistance as
well as quality spare parts and accessories. To find out more, call the
Ariston Freefone Number.

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Nyelv Angol
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